“As a new mother, I really struggled finding a place to take my newborn baby when I had to return to work. We looked at countless places and everywhere I went made me cry, that is, until I found Children’s Learning Center. The warm, friendly feeling was unlike any other place we visited. I felt comfortable right away leaving my child while I went to work.
Now almost four year later, both my kids attend Children’s Learning Center. The loving, compassionate teachers provide a positive place for my children to come learn each day. My boys are excited to go to school here and sometimes ask to go on Saturdays and Sundays! It makes me happy to know that my children have such a wonderful place to grow and learn. I am continually amazed by what they are learning at school and how well their Spanish and English vocabularies have increased! I know that both our boys will treasure the memories and friendships they got to make while attending Children’s Learning Center!”
– Bridgette Weiss
“I love the daycare providers at Children’s Learning Center. I feel so secure and happy leaving my baby in the hands of the women taking care of my daughter. Leaving my baby is difficult, but knowing she is excited to spend the day learning and having fun makes my heart feel good. “
“Quiero mucho a los trabajadores en la guardería. Me siento tan segura y felíz dejando a mi bebe en las manos de las mujeres que cuidan a mi hija.  Dejando a mi bebe es dificil, pero sabiendo que ella esta emocionada en pasar el día aprendiendo contenta mi corazón.”
– Paty Holt
“This place is PHENOMENAL!!! The teachers are amazing and very loving and caring! It’s just a very genuine place to have your children! My daughter loves going there every day and always has stories to tell me about what they learned that day! They also do community involvement where the kids will make soup and the families can come in and eat it! They do egg hunts around Easter and Halloween festivities! I love it!”
– L Davis
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