Toddlers’ Classrooms

CLC has three toddler classrooms, turtles, butterflies and owls classroom. In these classrooms, toddlers are learning to explore the world on their own with the guidance and care of their teachers. Toddlers start to communicate in short sentences or phrases and their personalities start to radiate from within. They make close friendships with their classmates and explore which activities in the classroom they like the most.

In these classrooms, children follow the daily schedules more closely and start to take notice of their daily routine. Toddlers are to drink out of sippy cups or normal cups, but no bottles or pacifiers are allowed. Toddlers are to be considered 18 months of age up until 3 years of age.

Teachers will work closely with parents to assure that children are potty trained before moving on to early preschool at about two and a half years of age. We ask full cooperation from parents in potty training. Sometimes children are fully ready and just need the support of their parents full time at home. With the full support of parents at home and full support of teachers at school, children should be potty trained within no time!