Lions Classroom (ECE-4): 4-5 year olds

  • ECE-4
  • School year runs from August through May
  • Last day of care is on graduation day in May (we do not provide summer care up until their first week of Kinder)
  • Last classroom at CLC before Kinder
  • Enrollment in our Lions classroom is limited
  • Lions hours are 7:30am-4:30pm
  • Nap middle of the day
  • Hero kids sports- soccer lessons twice a week in the Fall and in the Spring are included in Lions curriculum
Enrolled children are not automatically guaranteed enrollment after their 4th birthday. CLC guarantees a child’s space up until their 4th birthday. Enrollment after depends on availability and waitlists.
Enrolled children in Giraffes are not automatically guaranteed their space in our Lions classroom (ECE-4) the following year. Enrollment space in our Lions classroom (ECE-4) is limited.
To be eligible for the Lions classroom, children must turn 4 by October 1st and there must also be space available in our Lions classroom.
Kindergarten in Denver requires children to be 5 by October of the year they are entering Kinder.