Infants Classroom

CLC has three infant classrooms for children 10 weeks to 18 months old. The caterpillars classrooms, birds classroom and the squirrels classroom. Our Caterpillars classroom is composed mostly of children 10 weeks to 7 months, our birds classroom has children mostly of 7 months to 13 months of age, and our squirrels classroom has children of 12 months to 18 months of age. Our Squirrels classroom is considered our walking infant classroom where infants transition to one nap a day after lunch time and transition to the use of a sippy cup.

CLC is an exceptional childcare choice for all, but especially for infants because we are able to separate children based on their developmental growth. Since we have a large building, we are able to have infants transition from one classroom to the next with great assurance that they will be surrounded with other infants in the same or very similar stages.

Your infant will achieve many exciting things in all classrooms, at their perspective stages. In our caterpillars classroom, your child will achieve crawling and becoming mobile. In our birds classroom, your child will learn to stand and eventually learn to walk with confidence. All of our infant classrooms are individualized on the needs of each infant.

Singing, reading, talking, and play are basic activities that take place in the classroom. We encourage children to explore and learn about their surrounding environment. Materials and toys are age appropriate that stimulate curiosity. We provide a safe and loving environment. Children learn and grow with the guidance and support of our teachers.

Teachers make sure that each infant’s needs are met, for parents of children that will be in childcare for the first time, we ask that parents follow the same routine at home for a smoother transition. For instance, at childcare, babies sleep on their perspective cribs on their backs, we ask that parents do the same at home. If the same routines are followed, this will make for a very smooth transition from home to childcare settings.