Current Families

Attendance or Late Arrival Notices

Please send all attendance, absences, and late arrival notices to your child’s teacher directly through the ProCare Connect mobile app. When you send a message through the application, it will automatically be delivered to the office as well.
Late arrival notices are important so we can make sure to include your child in the daily headcount for lunch and snack.
ANY late arrival requests must be received by 9am the day of in order to be considered. Latest available drop off is 11am with prior approval, no exceptions.
We do not have restrictions on pick up time, as long as it is before 5pm. Our most popular pick up times are between 2:30-5pm. $2 per minute late pick up fee after 5pm.
Please note: We cannot accommodate mid day appointments. Please plan to schedule your child’s appointments early morning and drop them off directly after with prior approval. Or please plan your child’s appointments later in the afternoon once you have picked them up for the day.

First Half 2023 Calendar

2023 CLC January-July 2023 Calendar


CLC only provides breakfast, lunch and PM snack for children above 10 months of age.
Breakfast: 8:20-8:30am
Lunch: 11:15-11:45am
Light PM Snack: 2:30pm-2:45pm
If your child arrives after 8:30am, please provide them with breakfast at home.
We do not provide meals for infants in the Caterpillars classroom, if your child is in the Caterpillars classroom, parents must provide any solid foods/snacks, gerber, and infant snacks. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Tuition Receipts

Tuition receipts are located on a website that can be located from your phone or computer. Please note you must enter into the website, tuition receipts cannot be directly located in our parent phone application, ProCare Connect. Tuition receipts are only available from the website. You may access tuition receipts whenever you may need through this website.
First time logging in instructions:
Go to
Enter the email address we have on file for you
Press secure login
Check your email for your confirmation number and create a password

Billing Questions

Please send all billing questions directly to our office at
Please do not send billing questions on the ProCare Connect application.

Required Health Forms

1. General Health Appraisal Form:

2. Colorado Certificate of Immunization:

Parent Print Out of Health Forms Schedule:

Parents must provide the (1) general health appraisal and (2) Colorado immunization record at the months and ages listed below for their child. Both forms are required, please do not just send one form after your child’s appointment. Always be sure to ask for both forms.
2 mo. 4 mo.
6 mo. 9 mo.
12 mo. 15 mo.
18 mo. 24 mo
2.5 years 3 years
4 years 5 years

Required Forms

Completed childcare application and emergency contact form
Child’s up to date immunization records
Child’s up to date general health appraisal form
Financial childcare agreement
Automated Payment Processing Form
COVID-19 Waiver