Current Families

Attendance Notices

Please send all attendance and absence notices to your child’s teacher directly through the ProCare Connect mobile app. When you send a message through the application, it will automatically be delivered to the office as well.
Latest drop off allowed 9am. Children’s appointments must be made after 2pm.


Click Here: Calendar and Weather Policy


Breakfast: 8:30-8:45am
Lunch: Varies by classroom
Light PM Snack: 2:30pm
If your child is in the Caterpillars classroom at CLC on Zenobia or enrolled at CLC on 25th, meals are not provided.
We are unable to accommodate any sort of dietary restrictions. Parents are responsible for providing meals if there is are any dietary restrictions present.

Tuition Receipts

Tuition receipts are located on a website that can be located from your phone or computer. Please note you must enter into the website, tuition receipts cannot be directly located in our parent phone application, ProCare Connect. Tuition receipts are only available from the website. You may access tuition receipts whenever you may need through this website.
First time logging in instructions:
Go to
Enter the email address we have on file for you
Press secure login
Check your email for your confirmation number and create a password

Billing Questions

Please send all billing questions directly to our office at
Please do not send billing questions on the ProCare Connect application.

Required Health Forms: 

(1) General Health Appraisal Form
(2) Colorado Immunization Certificate
Both forms must be received after each pediatrician visit. Parents are responsible for sending these documents over on time. 2 week leniency period.
Both forms must be received at the following age marks: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years
Asthma Health Care Plan (for students with inhalers):
Colorado Allergy Plan (for students with allergies and epipen):
Required Forms for Enrollment:
CLC Enrollment Forms
CLC Payment Agreement
Signed Behavior Policy Agreement
Up to date (1) General Health appraisal and (2) Colorado Immunization certificate
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