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CLC on 25th Infant Nursery 4/1/2024 Update: 

CLC on 25th provides M-F care for infants (3-18 month olds). Infants will age out of CLC on 25th when they are 14-18 months.
August 2024 CLC on 25th Infant Enrollment: Process is CURRENTLY OPEN. See below for more details. Our next infant class cohort at CLC on 25th will enroll in August 2024. Infants must be within 3-5 months of age IN August 2024. Parents will be responsible for tuition starting on the class cohort enrollment date set by CLC. Infants enrolled at CLC on 25th will stay together at this location for about 1 year.
FAQ: Why do infants have to be 3-5 months old at the time of enrollment in August 2024? Infants enrolled at CLC on 25th will stay at CLC on 25th location for the entirety of the 2024/2025 school year so we need all infants to be within the same age group upon initiating in August 2024. The safety of all currently enrolled children in our care is our top priority. CLC on 25th class cohort will grow together and hit the same milestones together. They will learn to sit together, have tummy time together, reach the milestone of crawling together, and will eventually walk together. The next opportunity for enrollment of 3-5 month olds at CLC on 25th after August 2024 will be August 2025.

We are blessed to have two beautiful locations! One mile from one another.

CLC on Zenobia 4/1/2024 Update:
CLC on Zenobia provides care for all age groups: infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
August 2024 CLC on Zenobia INFANT Enrollment: NOT open at this time. In order to be eligible for the infant class cohort, infants must be within 3-5 months of age in August 2024 as they will start in our youngest infant classroom, Caterpillars. Exact start date in August 2024 is to be determined based on when our 2024/2025 school year starts. Parents will be responsible for tuition starting on the class cohort enrollment date set by CLC. August 2024 infant enrollment at Zenobia is expected to open May 1st or June 1st, please check our website at that time for lottery instructions.
2025 CLC on Zenobia INFANT enrollment: Our next class cohort of infants (3-5 month olds) is expected to enroll until sometime 2025, exact month unknown at this time. Our 2025 infant class cohort depends on our how our August 2024 class cohort of infants is advancing developmentally, when they start to crawl, when they start to eat solids, etc. We will not announce our 2025 infant class cohort enrollment date until sometime October-December 2024.
August 2024 CLC on Zenobia enrollment for ALL OTHER AGE GROUPS (6 month olds to 4 year olds): 
The earliest we will know if we will have August 2024 openings for children 6 month olds to 4 year olds will be June 1, 2024. Out of full transparency, it is not guaranteed that we will have openings for these older age groups, as openings are dependent on whether currently enrolled families are staying enrolled for the next school year. We do NOT have a rolling waitlist system.
FAQ: Why does CLC on Zenobia only enroll 6 month olds to 4 year olds at the start of each school year in AUGUST? In 2023, CLC made the decision to be more than just a Spanish Immersion childcare, we strive to be a Spanish Immersion academic institution. For this reason, older students only have the opportunity to enroll at the start of each school year. This allows the class group and students to receive the same academic material during the school year and the same opportunity to reach the same academic excellence. Having a class group enrolled only at ONE time also allows us to measure our academic goals and progress.
Please note: Once enrolled, CLC on Zenobia guarantees enrollment up until a child’s 3 year old birthday (assuming no behavioral concerns). Our ECE-3 and ECE-4 classrooms are admission based, availability in these preschool classrooms is limited and not guaranteed. Our ECE classrooms are heavily academic based and we expect parent cooperation at all times.

Please check our website on the 1st of every month for updates on waitlist and enrollment for each location. We do not have a rolling waitlist. We require a non-refundable registration fee once/if you have been offered an enrollment slot. Muchas gracias!

Spanish Immersion and Family Owned Business
Children’s Learning Center is a Spanish Immersion childcare and learning center. We are proud to teach Spanish as one of our core values. Infants and toddlers are spoken to in Spanish exclusively during the day. We are a family owned and operated business.
All of our wonderful teachers and staff speak Spanish fluently, we do not have one staff member in our building that only speaks English. Some of our teachers only speak Spanish.
We hope you will join us for this one of a kind learning experience and investment in your child’s future. Parents may find themselves singing Spanish songs, reciting the days of the week in Spanish, and much more with their children.
We are committed to teaching the Spanish language and forming the next generation of Spanish speaking leaders!

Spanish is the second most studied language in the world. In the US alone, there is an estimated 50 million Spanish speakers.

Custom Classrooms
Our classrooms are custom. No detail went to spare and we are continously updating our building. You won’t find a center as custom as ours. Not only will you be wowed with our custom classrooms, you will be blown away by the cleanliness of our building!
We are always seeking to expand the diversity of our families currently enrolled. Diversity discount for infants and toddlers.
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Childcare Assistance 
Please note: We do not accept childcare assistance.
Oportunidades de empleo
Si usted habla español y le interesa trabajar con nosotros, llamenos o mandenos un correo electronico. Muchisimas gracias!

According to the United States Census Bureau, the Spanish-speaking population in the United States will reach 132.8 million by 2050, and the US will become the largest Spanish-speaking country. Wow!

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