Waitlists as of 3/2023:
All 2023 waitlists are on HOLD. We are not adding new inquiring families to our waitlist at this time. This includes infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
We will consider adding referred families to our waitlist only if Infant will be under 4 months of age at some point in 2023 AND willing to enroll before the 4 month old mark. If you have been referred by a currently enrolled family, please email us with the parent who has referred you.
We are always seeking to expand the diversity of our families currently enrolled, so please do email us if you consider your family to be (1) diverse and (2) your infant will be under 4 months of age at some point in 2023 and willing to enroll before the 4 month mark.
CLC Enrollment Process:
CLC enrolls infants in a class cohort of 2-4 infants at a time every 3-6 months. Class cohort MUST be within 2.5 – 4 months of age to be eligible for our Caterpillar Classroom.
Class cohort is then guaranteed their enrollment space in all the older infant and toddler classrooms to follow. For this reason, we never enroll older infant class cohorts, toddler class cohorts, or preschool class cohorts.
Older child openings only become available if a currently enrolled family is to withdraw from CLC, which very rarely happens. The chances of getting into CLC after the 4 month old mark are very slim.
2024 waitlist is not open yet and we are not providing tours at this time. We will update our website as soon as we open our 2024 list. We will not open our 2024 list until we have a better idea of how many infant families from 2023 list (that will be under 4 months in 2024) will transfer to 2024 list.
Our website is only updated on the 1st of every month. Thanks for understanding!
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Spanish Immersion
We are a family owned and operated business. We take pride in being a Spanish Immersion center and hope you will join us in this wonderful educational experience! Having access to both Spanish and English can provide children with great opportunities in the future. All of our employees speak Spanish. Infants and toddlers are only spoken to in Spanish.
As always, we encourage parents to be involved in their child’s learning process every step of the way. Parents may find themselves singing Spanish songs, reciting the days of the week in Spanish, and much more with their children. Most of our Preschool graduates enroll in Elementary Schools that offer a Spanish component and are very competitive to be accepted into.
Days of Care
For all children under 2 years of age, CLC currently offers M-TH care only. No Friday care available. No part time 2-3 day options, only M-TH care.
M-TH offered for toddlers. Occasional Friday drop in days will be available for toddlers on the M-TH schedule depending on teacher availability. Friday drop ins for toddlers are usually available 1-2 times a month if there is teacher availability.
M-TH and M-F care offered for preschoolers 3 years and up.
Vaccinations and General Health Appraisal
Enrolled children must be up to date on all Colorado required vaccinations. It is parent’s responsibility to provide CLC with the required forms to avoid a lapse in care.
Custom Classrooms and Woodwork
Our classrooms are maintained and updated on a regular basis. Our custom woodwork is brought to you by a small business, Sam’s Custom Woodwork. Specializing in childcare furniture, custom built ins and mud rooms. They service Denver and surrounding suburbs.
For more pictures of our custom classrooms, please check out IG: @samscustomwoodwork or Facebook.

Childcare Assistance 
Please note: We do not accept childcare assistance.
Oportunidades de empleo
Si usted habla español y le interesa trabajar con nosotros, llamenos o mandenos un correo electronico. Muchisimas gracias!
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Waitlist Inquiries

Waitlist Summary as of 3/2023:

All 2023 waitlists are on HOLD. This includes infants, toddlers and preschoolers. We may consider adding infant referrals and diverse infants to the waitlist. 
Due to high demand, we are not able to provide detailed information over the phone. Our top priority is providing quality care for our currently enrolled children, please allow a couple business days response time for waitlist inquiries.

Thank you for understanding!